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SMART is in our name and in our logo

The word Smart Car in our company name can often confuse people who think it has something to do with the small and versatile car of the same name. Yes, we do actually repair Smart Cars, but that's as a close as the association gets.


SMART actually stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques. These repairs cover vehicle damage at the smaller end of the spectrum such as dents, dings, scuffs and scratches, usually sustained to bumpers, bonnets, panels, wheel arches, wing mirrors and even alloy wheels.

SMART repairs also include your car's interior trim and upholstery. This means we can restore vinyl or leather seats and panels that may have cuts, tears, stains or discolouration, trim that has lifted, and even cigarette burns.

Because of our specialist expertise with SMART repairs, and our fully equipped workshop, it means Smart Car UK can usually repair a car in a shorter period of time, to a higher standard and the work carried out for less cost, than a non-specialised car body shop.


And we're not just SMART either...

And we don't just limit our body repairs to those in the SMART category either. We often carry out much larger repairs. As an example, here are two pictures showing a car where damaged panels - including a new rear quarter panel and new door - have needed replacing as part of the repair.


Car with rear panel removed before being replaced   Car showing rear quarter panel and rear door after replacement
Damaged panels removed...   ...and the new rear panel and door being fitted


Like to find out what repairs we can really tackle? 

Like to know if we can help repair your car? For a quick answer we suggest uploading a photograph of your damaged car bodywork using our easy-to-complete enquiry form. That way we can get an idea of the extent of the damage and if we can repair it, a likely idea of cost.

Or you can always give us a call on 01793-528452 and give us a description of the damage over the phone.


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