Classic Cars

Smart Car UK also restores classic cars for our customers. And of course our team really enjoy getting involved with cars that - how shall we put it - were built slightly differently to how they are today.

We also take a great deal of pride in seeing these cars brought back to their original pristine condition, just as they would have been all those years ago.

Here are a number of great examples we've been lucky enough to be involved with over the recent months...


Picture of a Mini Cooper being restored

Picture of an MGB after restoration
Mini Cooper during body restoration

Superb example of an MGB after rust removal exercise



Customised VW camper van

Customised VW Camper


Rare Porsche Carrera

Picture of two Porsche cars  
Rare example of a Porsche Carrera

Two Porsches - classic model in the foreground


TVR being prepared prior to spraying

TVR after restoration by Smart Car UK
TVR being prepared
 ...and the same TVR after its makeover!



And we look forward to bringing you more classic car examples as we get them.


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