End of Lease Repairs

Picture of car lease agreement

How you'll get charged

Some car and van lease companies have been known to rub their hands in eager anticipation when a customer's lease contract comes to an end.

For them it's an opportunity to load penalty payments on to the unsuspecting owner when they hand the vehicle back in anything other than A1 condition.

Every scratch, dent and scuff will be noted down by a damage assessor. And then as part of the agreement you may be asked to pay a considerable amount of money to compensate the lease hire company for having a less than perfect vehicle returned to them.

Avoiding end-of-lease charges

To try and avoid these charges, we suggest using Smart Car UK to get your car bodywork and wheels repaired before handing it back to the lease company.

Otherwise any compensation due under the lease contract may prove significantly more expensive.

Like to know more?

Being proactive may just save you some serious money. Whether you're an individual vehicle owner or a fleet manager, Smart Car UK can help you keep your costs down.

Call Swindon's Smart Car UK on 01793-528452 to get rid of those end-of-lease charges.


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