Restoration Project - Porsche 911

Smart Car UK was recently contacted by the owner of a Porsche 911 looking to carry out a complete restoration. We were of course delighted to be asked to undertake the bodywork restoration, having had the pleasure of working on many Porsche models - including 911's - before.

We also thought it would be interesting to keep a pictorial 'log' of the bodywork restoration, and will keep this page updated as the work progresses. So do come back and visit this page to see what we will be doing next...

The Arrival...

Porche 911 arriving at Smart Car UK in Swindon

The black Porsche 911 arrives on the back of a low-loader.

The reason for this was that the engine had already been removed ready to be rebuilt. Our understanding is that the engine had not been started since 2004!

Dating back to the 1970's, the Porsche bodywork is actually in very good condition, which is amazing given that the car has been stored on a farm for the last 8 years.

However, the Porsche has now been unloaded and we're looking forward to getting started...

Getting Started...

Porsche 911 shwing the empty engine compartment

Porsche 911 being stripped down ready for the preparation work

The engine has already been removed as we can from the picture of the engine compartment.

Porsche 911 now back to almost the shell

The doors of the Porsche 911 have also been removed as have the windows and bumpers.

Porsche 911 bodywork resprayed

Bodywork of the Porsche 911 has now been re-sprayed, and we're starting to build it back up again.

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