Showroom finish

showroom finish car in green

Ever wondered why the cars you see in car showrooms - even second-hand models - always appear immaculate and look as though they never been on the road?

That's because they've they probably been to taken to a professional body repairer such as Smart Car UK. And in fact a large part of our work is carrying out repairs for Swindon's car showrooms.

Often, cars that are part-exchanged at a main dealer will have the odd bodywork imperfection such as a scratch, dent or stone chip, which needs repairing so they're looking at their very best. And that's where Smart Car UK comes in.


And if you look at the picture on the right, you will see just one of the many cars we've helped prepare...

Fast turnaround

All our customers will enjoy seeing a high-quality repair coupled with a fast turnaround time. In fact maybe we should clarify that statement by saying that the objective is that you won't see the repair!

And, one of the reasons we believe we're able to provide this high-level of service is our investment in our state-of-the-art facilities, in other words our Swindon Body Shop.

So if you've looked around for quotes, and the thought of having your car bodywork painted whilst being exposed to the elements, or in a dusty workshop that could lead to a poor paint finish worries you, then look no further than Smart Car UK.

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